Ira Raibon - writer/singer/tenor sax

Track #1 Shake It Off was written in 1976, I had all these great experiences as music director/songwriter with "The Vanguards", "Somebody Please" and "It's Too Late For Love". I came up with this layered vocal effect that I liked a lot. The band , "Sweetalk", didn't like the idea of playing and doing all those vocals, so track #8 is how we performed this song 6 nights a week for 7 years. (Oh yeah x 52 weeks).

Ira Raibon - executive producer/writer

Track #2 "The Happy Song", I wrote in 1968. It was one of 5 songs I wrote that year that were Bill Gavin pick hits. At the last minute, because I did the album so fast, I changed from a rock feel to a Carribbean groove. I love crusin' by the beach on PCH with this tune blarin'.Hey you have to remember I grew up on the beach and its no big deal going from a downhome front porch blues to a Carribbean groove back to rock n' roll.

_ - Mr." Everything"

Ira Raibon..." Is the musical genius behind the "Indiana Funk" sound that was heard throughout the world via the internet"..... He shares songwriting credits with Gene Rogalski (Brady Bunch theme writer) for the 'Nursery Rhyme Song recorded by 70's teen idol/T.V. series 'Seattle', Bobby Sherman as well as songwriting credits with Freeman King, from the original "Sonny and Cher Show" for the "Vanguards" hit, "Gotta Have Love" and is the writer, singer and saxophonist for the "Fabulous Souls" hit, "Take Me". The song and group credited for starting the"Digital Underground" (music on the internet). For years historians and archivist believed he was from Indiana but the truth of the matter is Ira Raibon is from San Diego's North County, Oceanside. Ira, started playing instruments and singing at a very early age. My mom said, I was singing at 2 months and she could put me down and I would just sing myself to sleep. At 3-5 years old I remember listening to the old wringer washing machine and making up songs to the differnt rhythms it would be throwing out. At 6-7 I rode a bus to school with high schoolers and I remember blowing their minds making up songs on the bus as we went to school.I started my instrumental study at 7.5 years with the clarinet although I had taken piano lessons from my mom prior to this. I remember I could already play and didn't understand why I had to learn how to read music. So I threw all my books away and that had ended the piano lessons. Today Ira performs and plays 40 instruments and performs all instruments on his recordings.

"The Missing Years Volume l ", my latest album, is my biographic statement. This collection of songs are exercises in writing I used to practice my skills over the last thirty years. Some of them were written prior to my disapperance others as I made my way through life without any kind of record deal. Knowing and believing all the time that I would be back and I needed to keep getting better. There are 3 more volumes of " The Missing Years " series to come. I'm currently recording an album of all new stuff and the second installment of "The Missing Years."            

                                                                     My  Story

           I wasn't sure of where to start my story until I lost my job for being ..." Too famous to be teaching in a classroom." Well, my first music job was for $16.00 an hour, I was 14. Mr. Agresta,(Band Director at O'side High) liked the way I was able to communicate with students having problems playing instrumental parts and would have me work with them at lunch or during class band periods. He also had me doing other duties like band librarian and directing Jr. Varsity Band, which I really liked because I learned how to read musical scores and help floundering players with my baton. Later, my Jr. and senior year I added more hours by doing clinician work (music tutoring) at Jefferson Jr. High.

Ira Raibon - Teacher bio

Ira Raibon has been a Newport Beach/Irvine/South Orange County resident music teacher/writer/performer over the past 36years. In 1974, as Woodwind Instructor he was an original faculty member of the now defunct “Newport Institute of the Arts” in Corona Del Mar. His students have excelled in all areas and levels of music as major label recording artist, record industry executives, producers, engineers, concert artists and conductors, singers of all styles, Independent recording and performing artist, teachers and writers. 1980-1985, Mr. Raibon taught for the Saddleback School District, 4th-6th grade Instrumental classroom music and as Woodwind Clinician for the Mission Viejo High School Jazz Band which became the #1 high school jazz band in the nation 1984-85. In Laguna Beach, he taught Choir and Band at Thurston Middle School 1988-1990. 1990-1992 found him teaching classroom music at the historic Mission School in San Juan Capistrano. Over at St. Margaret’s, where he’s been since 1982 when his son started kindergarten, Ira was initial in starting the Instrumental Classroom Music Program for lower, middle and upper schools as well as the AP Music Program at St. Margaret’s. He taught the classroom AP Course for 15 years and his classes were in the 93% for the nation. He currently serves in his 3rd year as ‘Artist in Residence’ and Applied Music Program Director at St. Margaret’s.