Music Teachers Changing ?  

They say in phychology how you're treated as a child has a lot to do with how you will interact with people later on in that same activity. Music teachers who were yelled at, hit on the back of their hands with rulers, or belittled by music teachers when they were young will adapt that same behavior when dealing with their own students. These music teachers, because they were never given answers only told to go practice....and if you didn't find an answer it's because you didn't practice long enough! You…

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Killer prices on "Take Me", sales 

Hi there, Just found out today that a single copy of "Take Me" sold for $3,211.00 and 2 more sold for $1,376.00 each.. information courtesy

Blurred Lines 

It seems that music does indeed have a blurred line. First let me say Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite all-time entertainers but acording to what I know about copyrights it's the melody and its' relationship to the time and chord (note position/voicing. I'm sorry, it's not about groove or bass line which are considered elements of music, which belong to everyone. "Blurred Lines",escapes the melody requirement by not sounding or written out, looking anything near Marvin's classic. It also has a totally…

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As I Look at Music Now...........  

I see a real need for more teachers. The teachers in our industry's past were independent record producers. One who would challenge an artist to another level and then work with that artist through the entire effort. Teaching them about musical elements and their usefulness in creating new ideas, vocal techniques that they didn't know existed and then watching and hearing a new song/new artist being born right there in the studio. Everyone today thinks that there is no musical training necessary for a pop…

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Music's closing window 

This is not a negative statement meant to insight but rather a positive one for those that believe there is a chance for us to take back our music industry. Do you realize music is the only industry in the world without R&D (Research and Development)? They,(record companies) believed and still do that artist are responsible for their own voice,instrumental,writing,dancing and whatever else kind of  developmental skill  is needed for ones' career. Now, because artist are coming to them unfinished they say…

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Response to job offer 

The truth of the matter on something like this ...I would probably not be able to see this group more than 8 times

in 6 months because they're going to have to do all the work. I would see them for 2 hours then they would have to do all the tweeking assignments in between. ( usually 3-4 hours 3-4 x's per week).

My charge to this group $200.00 per hour

Vocal lessons are extra 3-5 members privates: $65.00 per half-hour 2 x's per week

Beware those that tell you work harder! 

If you're working with a record company, producer, publisher or band as an artist and somebody screams at you to work harder yet they don't tell you or show you what to do to make it better....walk. Keep walking until you find someone who can demonstrate, articulate and doesn't scream. Dr.i

32 weeks at Sarducci's 

Well as of January 3rd, 2015 we concluded 32 consecutive weekends at Sarducci's Restaurant, located in historic and beautiful downtown San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 92675. Thanks to each and everyone of you who came out to see and hear us perform and bought my album! I love you, Dr. i