Job Offer from band today. 

Job Offer: 

Band needs to change our music lives over the next 6 months! We're currently making $25,000 per year x 6 just doing covers. We need producer/teacher to come on board and teach us how to make hit making  recordings. We want Great Vocals and instrumental tracks, to write better lyrics and be more engaging to our live audiences. We want to start record company with all publishing and production rights, we want music on the radio world-wide along with world-wide distribution. Applicant Must Be…

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I will be appearing with "Nick Waterhouse" at Burgerrama Festival Mar.28-29,2015

Artist Village Weekly Jazz Series 

Dr. Ira J. Raibon, AKA Dr. I, will be appearing This Thursday,Aug. 14,2014 at the weekly 'Artist Village Jazz Series' 5:30-7:30pm located in the Santa Ana Downtown Artist Village between 2nd Street and Sycamore

Ira's working? 

A new gig I've started and will be doing for a long time..... I will be appearing at Sarducci's Restaurant located in the Ol' San Juan Depot. I'm there assisted by Mr. Edward Cole, my personal music director on Fridays and Saturdays forever...Please catch a train to San Juan. We're outside on the patio 5:30 - 9:00. I will be selling and autographing copies of the "Missing Years Vol.l", as well as performing unplugged versions of my most famous music!

Thank you for 85,000 hits 

I want to thank you folks out there for visiting my website this month. Everything seems to be growing at an extraordinary pace, especially considering I've not done anything yet. No book, no album, no pictures, no video.

Thanks so very much,

Dr. I

Adele's piano player 

I am definitely proud of an outstanding player and former student, Tim Brittain who notified me today he will be playing piano the third time for mega artist, Adele this summer. Great job Tim, I'm really looking forward to your new music as well and don't forget those tickets.

Dr. I

Thank you for 50,000 + hits 

Hey, Thank you all so very much for coming to my site and hearing my story. I want everyone to understand it's about the future of music. We need the people who know how music is suppose to be done to step forward and teach. A producer is usually the singers' first exposer to a vocal coach, songwrting coach and a stylist all in the same packsge.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 

Rehearsal with the twins,Braeden and Bryce. Byrce wasn't so keen on the idea of a techno beat but when he found out what the guitars and bass were doing he got it. This song is the "EWF Tribute Song". There's a lot going on with voices over this intricate groove. I give this rehearsal 5 stars.

7-midnight Rehearsal 

Wednesday night Ed and I practiced from 7 until midnight moving through 24 songs that all sounded great just like when we were doing the Countryside Jazz Series at the Countryside Hotel,OC. I think we're ready to book this thang.