1. Happy Ending

From the recording Happy Ending


Gee I hate to see a goodtime end,
But our search goes on to find perfect end.
It's only life that things should change,
That we're the way we are,
I'm glad we both could see it girl,
Before we'd gone too far.
Verse ll
We fell in love you and I,
With only thoughts of feelings we could share.
The time we spent was worth it girl,
At least I suppose,
Our ride together went 'round and 'round,
Who knows where life will go ?
Ev'rybody wants to find a happy ending,
But no one likes the words goodbye ________,
We'll always be the best of friends,
Someday we might even try again,
We'll wage that stormy weather,
Make a life somewhere together.
Everybody wants to find a happy ending,
We just can't stop without a try,
Everybody has to find a happy ending,
Just say it soft and low,