1. Happy Song

From the recording Happy Song


Verse l
Oh could I hear ya' play,
Play a happy song,
That's easy enough,
For me to sing along.
I just want to hear it yea,
So I can have a good time,
And dance and sing,
To its merry rhyme.
(Come on and do it now)
OOH, ooh,ooh,ooh
Yea, yea,yea,yea.
Ooh,ooh, ooh.ooh
repeat chorus
Verse ll
Never had a reason,
To sing a happy song,
Then out of nowhere,
I said you, ya' came along,
Now smiling,
Ya' know its a part of my life,
Cause now that I have ya' girl,
Ya' know everything is alright.
(Come on and do it now)
Verse lll
Wake up in the morning,
Sing a happy song,
Try ta find,
Someone to sing along,
Never had a reason to sing a happy song,
Then out of nowhere I say you,
Ya' came along.
Come on and do it now.
chorus out..........