1. Hiway Song

From the recording Hiway Song


So my love is tying 'ya down,
And 'ya wanna be on your way again,
Well watch and listen closely,
As 'ya travel the road with many bends,
'Cause heartbreak and danger lurk all along the way,Hiding behind noble faces,
So be very careful while you're wanderin',
Wanderin' down love's way.
'Cause there's hiwaymen down love's road,
They'll steal your heart if they can,
Hiwaymen down love's road,
Just waitin' for the chance.
Verse ll
Lookout for the Sunday driver,
He's careless but he's so bold,
And watchout for the hitch-hiker,
'Cause he only wants a lift down the road,
Oh, I only wish I could go along,
To protect you every step of the way,
'Ya know I couldn't laugh when it happens,
When you lose your heart down love's way.
Refrain 1 x only
And don't ever think 'bout turnin' round,
'Cause I'll be just ahead,
At the end of that long lonely road,
In a place called happiness.
Refrain out......