1. Shake It Off

From the recording Shake It Off

I originally wrote this song in 1976, the year my son was born. We were living in a small beach house w/ a Dutch door in Corona Del Mar,Ca. I was working at "The Quiet Woman", in CdM with a new band called "Sweetalk".We started out with 3 nights and eventually went to 6 nights because our crowds were unreal. People would stay until closing on Tues, Wed and Thurs nites. At the same time I was trying to get "Taste of Honey", I'd see them at vocal lessons, to check it out. There was a short period of time I believed "The Temptations" might pick it up, when they were considering me for lead singer. This song can be heard on the "Sweetalk Live" album. This is how we'd play it in CdM, 1976. Later to be recorded in 1978 at Beach Bum Burt's, Redondo Beach, Ca. I use to walk 2 blocks to the Quiet Woman now I'm driving 50 minutes up the freeway to make less money! I might add I was a new father at this time and had purchased my first home  and the idea should be doing gigs that made sense and cents.


Verse l When morning came, Ya' walked out the door, An empty closet, I got more room than before, Could we have made it? You'll never never know, Love takes more time, Than you have that's for sure. Chrous: Can you really just shake it off, Only wish you'd show me how, Are you really sure your minds made up. 'Cause I'm still wanting you, I'm still needing you, I still love you girl, 'Till my life is through. Verse ll Love held us, Only by the hand, When things got shaky, Said lord, we couldn't stand, Let's talk it over, I wanna work it out, To be sure of what we're doing, So there's no more doubt. Chorus: Instrumental bridge: Chrous out........