From the recording Shake It Off ( band version)


When morning came,
Ya' walked out the door.
An empty closet,
I've got more room than before,
Could we have made it,
You'll never,never know,
Love takes more time than you have,
That's for sure.
Can you really just shake it off,
Only wished you'd show me how,
Are you really sure your minds made up,
'Cause I'm still wanting you,
I'm still needing you,
I'll be loving ya' 'till my life is through_____.
Verse ll
Love held us,
Only by the hand,
When things got shakey,
I say lord we couldn't stand,
Let's talk it over,
I wanna work it out,
To be sure of what we're doing,
So there ain't no more doubt.
Instrumental bridge:
Modulated Chorus out......