1. Shame

From the recording Shame


I know you're a sensuous young lady,
I can tell by looking in your eyes,
You're only use to being treated special,
Too bad your ol' man don't realize.
There'd always been an ear to listen,
To hear you each and every time you'd call,
There'd always been the right words spoken,
To pick you up every time you'd fall.
Verse ll
Primadonna special special lady,
Life has changed and you're still the same,
A Polly Anna with a smile so lovly,
To see him make you cry is such a shame.
Refrain ll
There'd always been arms to hold you,
To keep you out of life's bitter cold,There'd always been hands to guide you,
Anywhere your heart wanted to go.
It's a shame, shame he don't know it,
Shame, shame that he don't care,
You're a special, special lady,
You're a flower bloomin' in the morning rain.
He's a fool to treat you so.
He's a fool 'cause he don't know,
I know you're a shinin' star,
Special girl is what you are_____.
Chorus out .......