1. Take Me

From the recording Take Me


Why don't ya' take me,
Take me for a little while,
Just give me one chance girl,
To make your sad world smile,
I just wanna show you ,
OOh how much I care,
Coming to you girl (boy),
To give ya', your loving share.
And ya' let me ride,
Ride your magic cloud,
Come on and take me just for a little while,
Let me ride, ride your magic cloud,
Come on and take me girl (boy) just for a little while.
Verse ll
'Ya say you're too tied up,
And 'ya blame it on your fate,
But anyone can free themselves,
When true love is at stake,
I could never do ya' wrong,
OOh that would be unkind,
Just look, here I am,
All ya' gotta' do is take some time.
Chorus out.........